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Dubai Landscaping Services

The Dubai landscape services are unique in their arid climate. That is why Arid View Landscaping offers a variety of options for those looking to spruce up their outdoor spaces in this harsh environment. From simple plantings and irrigation systems to more elaborate designs, the company has the experience and knowledge to make any yard or garden thrive in the hot, dry climate.

Our team of professionals are passionate about what they do, and it shows in the quality of our work. We always go the extra mile to make sure that our clients are happy with the result. Whether you are looking for a simple garden makeover or a complete redesign of your outdoor area, we can help.

The benefits of using Dubai landscaping services

If you consider using Landscape services Dubai, you may wonder what the benefits are. Here are just a few of the many benefits that you can enjoy when you use these services:

  • You can save time. When you hire a professional company, they will do all the work for you. This includes everything from design and installation to maintenance and repairs. This can free up much of your time to focus on other things.
  • You can achieve the look you want. Professional companies have the experience and expertise to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams. Whether you want a simple garden or something more elaborate, they will be able to make it happen.
  • You can enjoy peace of mind. Knowing that your outdoor space is being taken care of by professionals can give you peace of mind.

What are the types of services for Landscaping?

Various landscape services are available in Dubai to suit any property owner’s needs. Landscaping services can meet your needs, from simple lawn maintenance to complex irrigation systems.

Lawn Care

Lawn care is one of the most common Landscape services Dubai. This can include mowing, trimming, edging, and fertilizing. Lawn care companies will also often offer pest control services to keep your lawn looking its best.


Irrigation is another popular landscape service. Irrigation systems can help you to save water and keep your Landscaping looking green and healthy all year long. There are various irrigation system types available, so it is essential to consult with a professional to find the best option for your property.

Tree Care

Tree care is one of the most important aspects of keeping a garden looking its best. Professional tree care services can help with everything from trimming and pruning to deep root injections and pest control. These services are essential for keeping trees healthy and looking their best.

Garden Design

Garden design is a popular gardening service, as many people want to have a beautiful oasis in their backyard. Many different types of gardens can be built, from deserts to tropical gardens. Garden designers will work with you to create a custom garden that fits your needs and budget.

Garden Construction

This is a popular Landscaping Services Offered by many landscaping companies in Dubai. If you want to have a new garden built or your existing one revamped, this is the service for you. Garden construction typically includes design, construction, and planting.

Garden Maintenance

This service includes regular tasks such as watering, weeding, trimming, and fertilizing. It is ideal for those who want to maintain a healthy and beautiful garden without doing all the work themselves.

Garden Renovation

One of the most popular Landscaping services Dubai is garden renovation. This service is for you if you have an existing garden that needs some sprucing up. Renovation usually includes cleaning the garden, trimming bushes and trees, and replanting new flowers and plants.

The quality of Dubai Landscaping services

As the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is known for its luxury, excess, and opulence. From the world’s tallest building to the largest shopping mall, there is no shortage of ways to spend your time and money in this city. But what about the outdoor spaces? The quality of landscape services is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be.

Whether you’re looking for a place to relax and escape the heat or you want to explore the desert landscape, there are plenty of options for Landscaping services Dubai. From reputable companies servicing the area for years to up-and-coming businesses quickly making a name for themselves, there is no shortage of options when choosing a landscape service provider in Dubai.

What sets the Landscaping services in Dubai different from others?

Regarding landscaping services in Dubai, there are a few key things that set them apart from the rest. For one, the climate in Dubai is perfect for year-round outdoor activities, so you can count on landscape services here to be top-notch. Secondly, Dubai is home to some of the most luxurious and exclusive residential properties in the world, so the landscape services here have to meet the high standards of these clients. And last but not least, these services are always up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, so you can be sure that your property will always look its best.


What is the difference between softscaping & hardscaping?

Regarding your Landscaping, there are two main types of services: softscaping and hardscaping. But what exactly is the difference between the two?

Softscaping refers to all the living, growing elements in your landscape. This includes things like trees, shrubs, flowers, and grass. Hardscaping, on the other hand, consists of all the non-living elements. This can include things like pavers, retaining walls, and outdoor lighting.

One of the main benefits of softscaping is that it helps to increase your home’s curb appeal. Softscape elements are usually more colourful and vibrant than hardscape elements, so they can make your home stand out. Plus, they can also help to provide privacy and noise reduction.

Why should I hire a landscape architect?

When it comes to your home, first impressions matter. The right Landscaping can make a world of difference, not only in terms of curb appeal but also in terms of property value. But creating and maintaining a beautiful yard isn’t easy. It takes time, effort, and expertise. That’s where a landscape architect comes in.

A landscape architect is a professional specializing in designing and implementing landscapes. They have the training and experience necessary to create a plan that considers your unique needs and preferences. They can also help you navigate the permitting process, select the right plants, and manage construction.

In short, hiring a landscape architect is an investment in your home. It’s an investment that will pay off both now and in the future.

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